A new unified access control solution by Mircom & S2 Security improves user experience, reduces costs and administration time, and makes controlled access security easy and affordable.  This case study details the solution and captures customer feedback. 

Read this case study now to learn about how Mircom in partnership with S2 Security is revolutionizing access control. 

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"A lot of the feedback points to convenience. This solution is very straightforward, saves time, reduces errors, and most importantly- safeguards the property.”

Tom Skoulis
Chief Connection Officer,
braXos Consulting LLC. 

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Mircom and S2 Case Study: Revolutionizing Access Control



Challenge: To fill the void of easy-to-manage access control systems, primarily in residential buildings.
2   Solution: The integration of two leading technologies to create a synchronized user-friendly platform. 
Value Added:  Mircom’s TX3 solutions save time and money for Property Managers and make buildings safe, secure, and more livable.